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(NC)—Did you know that the average Canadian goes to the grocery store at least twice a week? Sorting through thousands of food products, he'll narrow his selection down to a one–page list. It will include the staples to maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, but also the comfort of treats and snacks that can be enjoyed with friends or saved for a special occasion. At some point this average Canadian will take a long trip far away from any supermarkets. What then to put on the grocery list? Given that this could be you, what is your must–have snack to share, to celebrate and to remind you of home? Recently, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield launched a new food contest called: “Canadian Snack for Space”. Chris is looking for your suggestions for Canadian snacks, specifically quintessential Canadian treats that he can bring with him for his six–month trip to the International Space Station planned for 2012–2013. These food items will be added to his daily on–orbit menu. Depending on the day, Chris might share his “Canuck–cache” with his astronaut colleagues – including stories about each snack's unique geographic and cultural origins – or he might just keep them to himself, savouring “the taste of home” while watching a stunning view of the Earth (maybe Canada!) below. Visit the Canadian Space Agency website at www.asc– to nominate your favourite snack. Anyone can participate! Send as many suggestions as you want. If your snack is selected, Chris will send you a personalized photo from orbit! So, next time you go grocery shopping, ask yourself, what could I send to space?
(NC)—Keeping our immune systems strong and healthy can be difficult, despite our best efforts to meet daily nutrition requirements outlined by Canada's Food Guide. Diana Steele, registered dietitian, shares just three important ingredients that can help not only nourish the body but keep your immunity strong. Four fruit boosters – Some fruit more than others give the body an excellent source of immune–boosting nutrients. Kiwifruit, strawberries, blueberries and papaya are not only famous for their delicious taste, but rich vitamin content as well. Eat them fresh and on their own or top some greens for a flavourful salad. Probiotics – The latest buzz word has earned its popularity and part in your daily diet. More and more research points to health–related benefits of these friendly bacteria. Plus, there are numerous ways to get your daily dose of probiotics, including a probiotic multivitamin, like Multibionta. It provides you with essential vitamins and minerals your body needs each day, in combination with clinically proven natural probiotic strains to maintain your good health. Garlic – It may not leave your breath smelling fresh, but raw garlic provides the body with natural antimicrobial support that helps kill off bacteria and viruses. Maximize its raw benefits by crushing cloves and adding to your vegetable salad or dressing. Even cooked, you can still benefit from its bacteria–killing properties. So simply add a few extra cloves to a soup or pasta dish. If you want to learn more about how to strengthen your immunity, join the conversation with Multibionta on
(NC)—Perfectly cooked, golden, and caramelized - on top of burgers, steaks, salads, or even by themselves, sautéed mushrooms are an easy way to boost the flavour of your homemade meals. But how do you get perfect sautéed mushroom every time? There are three secrets that work every time. High heat, don't crowd the pan, and keep them moving. The first mistake that is often made when preparing sautéed mushrooms is using low to medium heat; the pan needs to be hot, so don't be afraid to turn up the heat. Secondly don't throw all the mushrooms into the pan. What's ideal is to have all the mushrooms in a single layer, not to crowd the pan. If there are too many mushrooms, they steam rather than sauté, releasing all their juices, causing a mixture that resembles a soup. Lastly, keep them moving. When they are in a hot pan, you want all sides of the mushroom to come in contact with the surface, so keep them moving. You will get a nice golden brown colour and some crispiness around the edges. Follow these three secrets and you will have perfect sautéed mushrooms every time. For delicious recipe ideas, as well as Mushrooms Canada's Simple Sautéed Mushroom Recipe visit
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